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Ideas That Transform!

Create Connection. Engage in Conversation. Drive Results!



Let's collaborate to create a logo, mission statement, color scheme and more that will compel consumers to buy and refer your products


We will use digital, online, print, social media, ads, content  and a variety of other advertising channels to develop your brand's connection story


As Marketing experts, we will listen to your needs, provide suggestions that meet your business goals and collaborate with you to grow your business

Project Management

We develop action steps and realistic timelines to help you drive sales and brand identity for your products and services

Membership Services

Sign up for our education course that is geared towards providing clients with the right connection techniques to capture your audiences

Vendor Management

We do the heavy lifting. Let us help you manage and instruct a print or PR vendor to ensure successful delivery of your marketing and sales strategy 

Content Development

Telling a powerful story is an important part to reinventing yourself. Let us help you create a story that keeps your audiences wanting more 

Connection Is Key

Connecting with your target audience is the most effective way to drive increased sales. At Content Redefined, we use cost effective Marketing and Branding strategies to help Entrepreneurs and Reinvetors determine and market to their key target audience. We will then help you strategize the appropriate channels to connect with your customers in meaningful ways. 

Igniting A Passion

Part of a powerful brand and marketing strategy includes your ability to ignite emotion, feeling and passion in your target audience. Once you find the source of their passion, you can market to them from a place that really influences them to buy. That place is their emotions! 

Our Connection Strategies Help Brands Sell Their Products! 

Are you looking for qualified leads to market to? There is a science behind how to connect with the right consumers to influence them to buy your products and services. First, you need to understand what motivates and drives them. With the right Connection strategy, you can do just that. Let us help you build your strategy. Book a Discovery Call Today! 

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Tap Into Your Consumer's Emotions

Create content for your client that ignites emotion and watch your sales increase!

We Are Content Redefined!

We help Entrepreneurs & Re-inventors who may not have marketing and branding experience or a large budget. As part of our strategy, we help clients tap into the emotions of their audiences. We then support you in defining your branding and/or marketing strategy to connect with your qualified audiences and influence them to buy!


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